Sunday, October 4, 2009

How To Make Emoticons Chat On Facebook

Collection of articles this time around again talks about social networking sites and the most popular social current that is Facebook.

There are many applications available to you are taking in the use of this site, one of which is Chat application.

For those of you who like to chat through Facebook, you may not know what a lot Emoticons, emoticons that can be used in Facebook chat.

This script can only be used in the browser Mozilla Mozilla Firefox.

With the add-ons installed Mozilla Firefox and a few scripts from userscript site then we can add a list of Emoticons-emoticons that can be displayed on Facebook chat.

The trick is as follows:

1. Download add-ons for firefox in

Install the add-ons are in your mozilla firefox.

2. Once installed, restart your mozilla firefox.

3. And then install the script provided by userscript site are:

4. After all is installed, restart your mozilla firefox.

5. Open your Facebook and try to chat with your friend, then automatically display the emoticons will appear on your chat page.

So used to this collection of articles, may be useful ....

Good luck!!

Software Anti Keylogger Free

Kumpulan this article discusses the Anti Keylogger Software [Free ...!!!]. When using computers in public places like cafes, could be what we type will be recorded by Keylogger software. Anti Keylogger is a software that works to prevent the theft of one's account (User ID and Password and privacy information is another) when the person is using a computer that may have been planted (in install) with Keylogger software.

Anti Keylogger software is called Neo's SafeKeys. This freeware program can be used at the time we'll fill in User ID and password. With this software we no longer need to type through the keyboard, we just click on the buttons of letters and numbers that look like a keyboard in this software by using the mouse.

Next what we will click into the search box at the bottom of the software window, then we can do drag and drop into the password field is the application.


1. We do not need to use the keyboard, so that the keylogger program can not do the recording of the keyboard buttons are pressed.

2. The program will change the length and width of each particular time, as well as placing it in the screen, and is intended to avoid a mouse-loggers.

3. Nothing is stored in the clipboard.

4. Can use capital letters or other characters kareakter-;

5. Can be used in portable, so can be stored in a USB Flash drive (USB Flash Disk).

The following link Download it: Klik disini

Hopefully useful to all.

Practical way to lock the keyboard

Chris PC-Lock is a very simple software, lightweight, and useful in maintaining the safety of your computer if you leave. When this software is active, all keyboard and mouse functions will not be active. Use the Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Tab, or a combination of other Windows shortcut keys also will not work at all.

During the active period, the computer screen will display a screen saver or a static image that can be selected. To activate it again, you simply enter the password. The software has four options for this language can also be activated automatically when the computer is idle (no activity) in a given time.

He also is active every time the PC is active. This software can work on almost all large family Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server), except for Windows Vista.

Click disini to download

How to steal data Hacker Credit Card (carding) "

There are several methods used by hackers in stealing credit cards, among others:

1. Packet sniffer, it is the fastest way to get any data. The concept of work they put enough programs that can view or create a logging file of the data sent by e-commerce website (online sales) that they were after. In general they want websites that do not have security encryption, or sites that do not have good security.

2. Making the program spyware, trojans, worms and the like that functions like a keylogger (a keyboard logger, keyboard activity recorded programs) and the program distributed through e-mail Spamming (put the file in attachment), mirc (chat), messenger (yahoo, MSN ), or specific sites with icon or the lure of an attractive netter to download and open the file. This program will record all activity on your computer into a file, and will send it to an email hacker. Sometimes these programs can be run directly when you go to a site that made a hacker or porn site.

3. Make a phishing site, the site looks similar or the same as the original site. example in Indonesia at that site click bca (, have experienced the same thing. that site looks just like KlikBCA but address several different contrived as, , etc., so if the wrong type netter, will stray to the site. Fortunately the person making the site he meant no harm. So if a hacker who created tuh carding sites, get ready deh Your credit card will be broken.

4. Break down e-commerce site is directly and stealing all their customers data. This way rather difficult and need expert hacker or hackers who have the experience to do so. In general they use injection methods (include the script that can be run by the site / server) for sites that have firewalls. There were several ways including injection commonly used html injection and SQL injection. For sites that do not have security or firewall, prepare dikerjain abis-abisan.

There are several ways to do more of hackers, but the ways above are the most common way hackers do for carding. Unusual ways will be explained later in the future ..

any action you do is risky, so Take your own risk